Lone Star Steakhouse – Lake Forest

lone star steakhouse, laguna hills, orange county CaliforniaLaguna Hills¬†California, located in Orange County, is a hot spot for great restaurants. This town doesn’t have a great bar scene, club scene, or much of a nightlife at all. When it comes to food? You can go out to eat to many different restaurants for months to come and won’t be able to eat at all the great spots in this city. We’ve talked about Philly’s Best, and Lucille’s, but today we wanted to talk about on of our favorite places to eat prime rib, salad, and freshly baked rolls. The place we’re talking about is called Lone Star Steakhouse located right next door to where the Laguna Hills Mall used to be. There’s a shopping center located directly to the south of the mall parking lot that has a dry cleaning place, Ross Dress For Less, and a plethora of other shops.

Lone Star steakhouse is a small chain that was established in Southern California. The Laguna Hills location was the third restaurant that was opened by this company and remains one of the busiest locations that they own. This establishment features dancing servers, cheap entrees, and an awesome environment for hanging out with friends or spending time with your family. The wait time at this restaurant is usually pretty reasonable because of their ample seating and large bar area. There’s a comfortable waiting lounge with cushioned seating that can hold a large party so just in case there is a wait, you’ll be hanging out in comfort.

So now that you’ve been seated at your booth, you’re going to be approached by a friendly server. What should you order? First of all they’ll bring you a basket full of fresh baked breads and take your drink orders. When you open up the menu you’ll see prime rib that comes with a side salad for under $12. This is the money spot at this restaurant in our opinion because it’s always cooked perfectly, comes with some amazing dipping sauce, and the amount of meat on this sucker can fill up the biggest of appetites. The house salad is always good to order with this entree because they make their salad dressings in house and those are always fresh and very tasty. The prime rib also comes with a side of your choice and I’m going to have to recommend the baked potato. It’s nothing special, just sour cream, chives, and butter, but what goes better with a nice prime rib than a baked potato? You can always get their steak fries or onion rings, those are extremely good and crunchy also. After the rolls, salad, potato, prime rib, and possibly dessert? You’re going to be leaving with a full belly and you’re taste buds will be thanking you on the way out.

We’ve celebrated birthdays and other special events at this location because of their large seating arrangements and their entertainment. Yes, you’re meal will come with free entertainment. The restaurant plays loud music for about 2 minutes while the servers put on a line dancing performance. Over all this is one of the best bargains we’ve found in Orange County when it comes to steak houses. There’s nothing we’ve tried here that we didn’t love and the price tag on the meal is always reasonable. This post has been sponsored by OrangeCountyPatioPros.com, the most experienced patio cover contractors in Orange County.


Lucille’s BBQ in Lake Forest – Mmm, Delicious!

lucilles bbq in orange county caIf you’re into BBQ, I’ve got an inside tip for you, go to Lucille’s! Lucille’s BBQ is a chain restaurant that has locations throughout the United States. This dining establishment has incredible managers and officers in the company and is the first BBQ chain I can say I truly love. I have not been to a locally owned BBQ joint that even comes close to Lucille’s but I know that there’s a lot of BBQ in Nashville and other places in the mid-west I haven’t been to before so my opinion is slightly skewed. Don’t give me too much grief though because this is a blog about restaurants in Orange County! If you’ve been to a better restaurant in the O.C. that serves BBQ, PLEASE send me an e-mail here because I would LOVE to know about it!

When you go to Lucille’s you can expect to be greeted by an amazingly friendly host. I’ve never been to this location and had a bad experience with a host or a server, they’re definitely on top of their game! After you get seated you are going to be hit with some really good corn bread and butter. Start your engines! I highly recommend when your server comes around to take your drink orders that you try their house red ale (for those of you that are 21 of course!). If you’re not 21 or over, I highly recommend you try the “Lucille’s Sidewalk Fresh Lemonade”. It’s called the sidewalk lemonade because they want you to feel like you’re hitting up that little kid on the end of your street for some of that delicious 50 cent stuff. I have seen some kids setup those stands with some store bought stuff though, so be careful when you see those little kids hustling on the side of the street!

Time to eat! Now that you’ve had some of their amazing cornbread to wet your appetite, it’s time to make a decision on what’s for dinner (or lunch). Personally, I’m a huge pulled pork and beef brisket lover and boy do they do it right over at Lucille’s. I have also had their ribs which were “fall off the bone” tender and highly recommend trying those as well. One of my favorite things about Lucille’s is their BBQ sauce selection that you’ll see in a wooden basket on the end of your table. This is where people mess up because they just go for what they know and don’t explore any of Lucille’s special sauces like the mesquite flavor or the hot-n-spicy flavor. If you don’t try all of the sauces you are totally missing out!

Now that you are completely full because of Lucille’s huge portions, it’s time to pick dessert. The Big Chocolate Cake is probably one of their most popular desserts, and for good reason. When you order this you’ll get a huge slice of some of the most rich and delicious chocolate cake you’ve ever had in your life! If you’re not much of a chocolate lover, I highly recommend Lucille’s Bread Pudding. This dish isn’t as sweet as their cake but is some of the best bread pudding I’ve ever had in my life! When you go to Lucille’s, tell them I sent you! They won’t know who I am but maybe they’ll send me a gift card!


My First Recommendation – Philly’s Best

You might be wondering why I’m going to talk about a restaurant that originated in Philadelphia as my first post and the answer is, because it’s amazing! Philly’s Best is one of my favorite places to eat at in all of Orange County, California. You might not be amused at how big their menu is because it basically boils down to Philly cheese-steaks, chicken cheese-steaks, and a bunch of delicious sides. You can add to the mix by putting in some cherry peppers, pickles, and many other assorted sides they have at their topping bar. This place is more of a fast food style restaurant because there aren’t any cushioned booths or anything luxurious, but what we talk about in this blog that matters the most is the food. We will discuss some places that have great food and amazing scenery, but Philly’s Best is all about the food.

I first discovered this gem when a friend took me out to lunch to talk business. This restaurant is tucked in a little shopping plaza off of Lake Forest Dr. in between Moulton and the 5 freeway. The sign isn’t really attention grabbing when you drive by it on the street so there’s a good chance you can miss it unless you get insider information. Luckily for me, my friend is a “foodie” and shared his insights with me. I’ve actually had Philly cheese-steak sandwiches in Philadelphia but this place is still my favorite spot. Who would have known a place in Orange County¬†would have better cheese-steaks than in Philly? Not this guy.

When it comes down to ordering, I highly recommend heir original cheese-steak which comes with thinly grilled meat, provolone cheese, and a fresh baked hoagie roll. I personally like to add mushrooms, onions, and cherry peppers to mine to add a little extra kick and flavor. I also really enjoy their onion rings. I always give onion rings a test and if I can bite into it without the entire onion easily coming out of the ring, it’s good quality. Their onion rings are crunch and it definitely passed the “onion ring test” with flying colors. There fries are really good in case you don’t like onion rings and you can get their fries in many different ways. The Philly fries are awesome and could be a complete meal on it’s own but if you’re there with some friends or your family, it also makes an incredible appetizer that will get your taste bud balls rolling before your main meal comes out.

After trying hundreds of different Philly cheese-steaks in my life, Philly’s Best is still my absolute favorite. As a food conoisseur, I feel extremely lucky to live so close to this establishment. A lot of people try to make America’s best Philly but in reality most of them come up short with low quality meats and overly greasy sandwiches. Whether you’re in need of a delicious lunch or dinner, Philly’s best is sure to never disappoint.