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Lucille’s BBQ in Lake Forest – Mmm, Delicious!

lucilles bbq in orange county caIf you’re into BBQ, I’ve got an inside tip for you, go to Lucille’s! Lucille’s BBQ is a chain restaurant that has locations throughout the United States. This dining establishment has incredible managers and officers in the company and is the first BBQ chain I can say I truly love. I have not been to a locally owned BBQ joint that even comes close to Lucille’s but I know that there’s a lot of BBQ in Nashville and other places in the mid-west I haven’t been to before so my opinion is slightly skewed. Don’t give me too much grief though because this is a blog about restaurants in Orange County! If you’ve been to a better restaurant in the O.C. that serves BBQ, PLEASE send me an e-mail here because I would LOVE to know about it!

When you go to Lucille’s you can expect to be greeted by an amazingly friendly host. I’ve never been to this location and had a bad experience with a host or a server, they’re definitely on top of their game! After you get seated you are going to be hit with some really good corn bread and butter. Start your engines! I highly recommend when your server comes around to take your drink orders that you try their house red ale (for those of you that are 21 of course!). If you’re not 21 or over, I highly recommend you try the “Lucille’s Sidewalk Fresh Lemonade”. It’s called the sidewalk lemonade because they want you to feel like you’re hitting up that little kid on the end of your street for some of that delicious 50 cent stuff. I have seen some kids setup those stands with some store bought stuff though, so be careful when you see those little kids hustling on the side of the street!

Time to eat! Now that you’ve had some of their amazing cornbread to wet your appetite, it’s time to make a decision on what’s for dinner (or lunch). Personally, I’m a huge pulled pork and beef brisket lover and boy do they do it right over at Lucille’s. I have also had their ribs which were “fall off the bone” tender and highly recommend trying those as well. One of my favorite things about Lucille’s is their BBQ sauce selection that you’ll see in a wooden basket on the end of your table. This is where people mess up because they just go for what they know and don’t explore any of Lucille’s special sauces like the mesquite flavor or the hot-n-spicy flavor. If you don’t try all of the sauces you are totally missing out!

Now that you are completely full because of Lucille’s huge portions, it’s time to pick dessert. The Big Chocolate Cake is probably one of their most popular desserts, and for good reason. When you order this you’ll get a huge slice of some of the most rich and delicious chocolate cake you’ve ever had in your life! If you’re not much of a chocolate lover, I highly recommend Lucille’s Bread Pudding. This dish isn’t as sweet as their cake but is some of the best bread pudding I’ve ever had in my life! When you go to Lucille’s, tell them I sent you! They won’t know who I am but maybe they’ll send me a gift card!


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