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My First Recommendation – Philly’s Best

You might be wondering why I’m going to talk about a restaurant that originated in Philadelphia as my first post and the answer is, because it’s amazing! Philly’s Best is one of my favorite places to eat at in all of Orange County, California. You might not be amused at how big their menu is because it basically boils down to Philly cheese-steaks, chicken cheese-steaks, and a bunch of delicious sides. You can add to the mix by putting in some cherry peppers, pickles, and many other assorted sides they have at their topping bar. This place is more of a fast food style restaurant because there aren’t any cushioned booths or anything luxurious, but what we talk about in this blog that matters the most is the food. We will discuss some places that have great food and amazing scenery, but Philly’s Best is all about the food.

I first discovered this gem when a friend took me out to lunch to talk business. This restaurant is tucked in a little shopping plaza off of Lake Forest Dr. in between Moulton and the 5 freeway. The sign isn’t really attention grabbing when you drive by it on the street so there’s a good chance you can miss it unless you get insider information. Luckily for me, my friend is a “foodie” and shared his insights with me. I’ve actually had Philly cheese-steak sandwiches in Philadelphia but this place is still my favorite spot. Who would have known a place in Orange County¬†would have better cheese-steaks than in Philly? Not this guy.

When it comes down to ordering, I highly recommend heir original cheese-steak which comes with thinly grilled meat, provolone cheese, and a fresh baked hoagie roll. I personally like to add mushrooms, onions, and cherry peppers to mine to add a little extra kick and flavor. I also really enjoy their onion rings. I always give onion rings a test and if I can bite into it without the entire onion easily coming out of the ring, it’s good quality. Their onion rings are crunch and it definitely passed the “onion ring test” with flying colors. There fries are really good in case you don’t like onion rings and you can get their fries in many different ways. The Philly fries are awesome and could be a complete meal on it’s own but if you’re there with some friends or your family, it also makes an incredible appetizer that will get your taste bud balls rolling before your main meal comes out.

After trying hundreds of different Philly cheese-steaks in my life, Philly’s Best is still my absolute favorite. As a food conoisseur, I feel extremely lucky to live so close to this establishment. A lot of people try to make America’s best Philly but in reality most of them come up short with low quality meats and overly greasy sandwiches. Whether you’re in need of a delicious lunch or dinner, Philly’s best is sure to never disappoint.

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